Aviation Club

Membership in the Aviation Club is open to COCC students, alumni, faculty, and staff. Contact Program Director for information on the COCC Aviation Club. 

Aviation Meetings tba  


Aviation - Ariplane Pilot Program

About the Aviation Club:  

  • For anyone who has an interest in aviation; you don't need to be a pilot, aviation major or even want to actually get airborne!
  • Field trips to aviation museums (Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum, Hood River Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum, etc.) 
  • Trips to aviation manufacturing facilities (Windward Performance, Erickson Skycrane, etc.) 
  • Trips to air shows and fly-ins (Madras and Sunriver Airshows, etc.)
  • Aviation-themed speakers to come talk to the club (Oregon Pilots Association, Civil Air Patrol, etc.)
  • We organize experience flights
  • We organize social events (BBQs, Potlucks, etc)
  • We provide graduation 'wings' for Aviation student graduates
  • We are open to suggestions of any other aviation-themed events
  • There are no fees or membership dues

Club Officers:  

  • Club resident – Clinton Ellson
  • Vice President – Sami Challburg
  • Secretary – Thomas Eberhardt
  • Treasurer – Aimee Ciciora
  • Publicity Officer – Brianna Blunt
  • Assistant Publicity Officer – Steven Lowe
  • Activities / Events Officer – Jacob Edgerly
  • Assistant Activities / Events Officer   Starr McCormick
  • Club Historian – Vincent Hoffman
  • Membership Coordinator – Zig Smigaj

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