Automotive Drive-Train Technician

Automotive Drivetrain TechnicianFrom drivelines to transaxles, clutches to differentials, COCC's Transmission Tech program trains students on all elements of manual and automatic transmissions, as well as basic hydraulic and electrical principles. The automotive drive-train courses towards ASE certification in (A2) Automotive Automatic Transmission and (A3) Automotive Manual Drive Trains and Axles.

Classes include:

AUT 101  Basic Electricity for Automotive - 2
AUT 106  Automotive Program Orientation - 1
AUT 107  Mechanical Systems I - 3
AUT 109  Mechanical Systems II - 1
AUT 110  Small Gas Engines - 3
AUT 202  Manual Drive Trains I - 3
AUT 203  Manual Drive Trains II - 3
AUT 251  Automatic Transmissions I - 3
AUT 252  Automatic Transmissions II -2

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