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AAS Automotive Management

Associate of Applied Science Degree Requirements 

The following courses are required for COCC's associate of applied science in automotive management degree. Students should work closely with an advisor if they wish to attend part-time. Note that several of the courses qualify students to also earn short-term certificates in various automotive technology areas; see the automotive technology certificate card for details.


Fall Term
AUT 101 Basic Electricity for Automotive 2
AUT 106 Automotive Pgm Orientation 1
AUT 107 Mechanical Systems I 3
AUT 110 Small Gas Engines 3
AUT 109 Mechanical Systems II  1
AUT 208 Automotive Brakes 3
AUT 204 Steering & Suspension 2

Winter Term
AUT 102 Auto Electric I 4
AUT 103 Auto Electric II 2
AUT 205 Engine Performance I 2
DSL 105 Diesel Performance I 2
WR 121 English Composition 3
Health HHP 252a 3-4
or HHP 295 and HHP 185x

Spring Term
AUT 111 Computerized Engine Controls 4
AUT 104 Automotive Electric III 2
AUT 253 Automotive Air Conditioning 3
AUT 206 Engine Performance II 2
CIS 131 Software Applications 4

Summer Term
AUT 216 Co-Op Work Experience 4

Fall Term
BA 051Applied Accounting 3
BA 101 Intro to Business 4
BA 206 Management Fundamentals I 4
MTH 60 Algebra I 4
or MTH 85 Technical Math
Distribution Course* 3

Winter Term
BA 178Customer Service 3
BA 285 Business Human Relations3
or SP 218 Interpersonal Communication
WR 214 Business Communication 3
Distribution Courses* 6

Spring Term
BA 207 Management Fundamentals II 4
BA 223Marketing Principles4
BA 280 Co-Op Work Experience 3
BA 286 Managing Business Processes4 

Automotive Management 3

Automotive Management1

Automotive Management2

*Choose nine credits from COCC's Distribution List; each course must have a different prefix.

COCC is an affirmative action, equal opportunity institution.