• Associated Students of Central Oregon Community College

  • How to Contact Your Student Government?

    Come by our office! The ASCOCC office is located upstairs in the Coats Campus Center, room 207, on the Bend Campus. COCC Campus Map

    Call us at (541) 383-7595

    Email us:

    Have general questions about ASCOCC? ascocc.president@cocc.edu

    Interested in starting a student club? ascocc.affairs@cocc.edu

    Interested in legislative affairs? ascocc.legislative@cocc.edu

    Want to get involved on the branch campuses? ascocc.branch@cocc.edu

    Have an event idea? ascocc.pr@cocc.edu

    Questions about finances? ascocc.treasurer@cocc.edu

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    We are the Student Voice and Student Vote on fourteen different governing committees provide funding to Student Clubs and Programs.

    We Sponsor and put on Student Activities, Events and Programs for the College.

    We Advocate for the student body on College-Wide issues.


    ASCOCC shall represent and serve all students by providing effective governance, advocacy, services and programs that will contribute to individual student success, enhance the college experience and benefit the community.


    Students and the community will benefit from ASCOCC in the areas of citizenship and student life through student participation and activities in a fun and laid back environment.

    ASCOCC will personalize the college experience by encouraging student involvement, academic excellence and persistence so that students can achieve their goals

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