In cases of exceptional circumstance, students can request an exception to a published academic policy by submitting the student petition form. Such policies may include but are not limited to late drop or withdrawal, late add, refund/waiver of tuition/fees after the published deadline, refund/waiver of late payment or late registration fees, changing to or from an audit, and course substitution and/or transfer policies.

Students must submit the form and include documentary evidence to support the request if applicable. Each case is decided upon its own merits and the decision of the committee is final and not subject to appeal, unless there is information pertinent to the outcome which was not submitted at the time of the initial request. Convenience or lack of familiarity with published policy does not constitute sufficient justification for a petition.

Note the following: 

  • Students who wish to drop a class or ask for a refund after the deadline due to a medical-related situation, must provide documentation of the medical situation.

  • Students petitioning to add a class after the deadline, must include a letter of support from the instructor.

  • Students who wish a change of grade to or from I, W, or X must submit a petition directly to Enrollment Services.  Requests for grade changes are considered only within one year of the grade being awarded.
The student petition form, including instructions on how to complete it, is available in Enrollment Services on all COCC campuses. Please call 541-383-7500 for more information or questions about petitions.