Addictions Studies Program Outcomes

Addictions Studies AAS
Program Contact: Monica Vines
  1. Demonstrate ability to appropriately screen and assess clients and available significant others; student will obtain, organize, analyze, evaluate, disseminate and record information such as client data and statistical information to provide the delivery of human services
  2. Demonstrate ability to integrate knowledge of cultural diversity in multiple settings and with multiple clients and available significant others
  3. Demonstrate ability to collaboratively develop an effective and clear treatment plan by assessing client needs and selecting interventions that will assist clients in promoting optimal functioning, growth and goal attainment
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of appropriate community referral resources and utilization of client support systems and resources
  5. Attain and develop a core of intervention knowledge, theory, and skills to become a change agent for clients
  6. Demonstrate the values and ethics that are intrinsic to the human services profession
  7. Develop awareness of his/her values, cultural bias, philosophies, personality, and style and how these personal characteristics affect clients
  8. Demonstrate professional interviewing skills
  9. Demonstrate writing skills appropriate to clinical documentation
  10. Create genuine and empathetic relationships with clients

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