Historical Accreditation Reports

COCC is a member of the regional accrediting organization the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU). January 2010 the Commission adopted newly revised accreditation standards and a seven-year accreditation cycle. COCC is preparing for a review in Spring 2012 under the new standards and cycle. 

For further information on the new NWCCU standards and cycle, visit:  NWCCU.org

COCC Reports and NWCCU reviews

February 2013 - Year One Self-Evaluation Report

May 2012 - Accreditation and Evaluation Reports

Report: Comprehensive Self-Evaluation Report - 2012

Reaffirmation: Reaffirmation Letter - 2012 

Response: Comprehensive Peer Evaluation Report - 2012

Team: Evaluation Team

February 2011 - Year One Self-Evaluation Report

Report: Year One Self-Evaluation Report - 2011 

Response: Year One Peer-Evaluation Report - 2011

COCC Reports and NWCCU reviews - prior to 2010

*The following reports and reviews followed the old NWCCU standards.

April 2009 - Focused Interim Accreditation Visit

Report: COCC Focused Interim Accreditation Report - 2009 

Response: Focused Interim Evaluation Report - 2009

April 2007 - Five-Year Interim Accreditation Visit

Report: COCC 2007 Five-Year Interim Accreditation Report

Response:  2007 Regular Interim Evaluation Report
2007 NWCCU Recommendation Letter

March 2004 - Focused Interim Accreditation Visit

Report:   COCC 2004 Two-Year Follow-up Accreditation Report

2004 Focused Interim Evaluation Report

April 2002 - Full-Scale Evaluation

Self Study:

Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Standard 1 - Institutional Mission and Goals: Planning and Effectiveness
Standard 2 - Educational Program and Its Effectiveness
Standard 3 - Students
Standard 4 - Faculty
Standard 5 - Library and Information Resources
Standard 6 - Governance and Administration
Standard 7 - Finance
Standard 8 - Physical Resources
Standard 9 - Institutional Integrity
Appendix A - Select COCC Faculty/Administration/Staff Achievements, 1996-2001
Appendix B - Committee Membership Matrix
Appendix C - Campus Map

Response: 2002 Full-Scale Evaluation Committee Report

*Information about old NWCCU standards:  Historically, all members of the Commission submitted regular annual reports, as well as a more developed Interim Report every 5 years and a Comprehensive Self Study Report every 10 years.

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