COCC Web Accessibility Information

In an effort to help the Central Oregon Community College Web be as accessible as possible to a broad audience, COCC is working to implement the below standards on all COCC web pages.

Due to the extensive content that COCC has on the web, these standards do not yet apply to every page, but their use is recommended and will become more prevelant as time allows.

Keyboard navigation

To make Central Oregon Community College web pages easy to navigate by keyboard, access keys have been created that let you place focus on specific parts of pages that have access keys enabled. Access keys are key combinations that select the desired element. Once the element is selected, you can then press ENTER to follow the selected link.

These access keys are designed to work with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x and Netscape Navigator 6 or later. Access keys may not function if you are using other Web browsers or earlier versions of Internet Explorer or Navigator.

Access keys

To assist with navigating the elements on a standard COCC web page the following keyboard shortcuts can be used.

  • ALT+1 : Places focus on first link in a side navigation bar. Subsequent tabs continue on in the normal TAB order.
  • ALT+2 : Places focus on first link in the top right navigation list (for example, COCC Home). You can then press TAB to move through other navigation items.
  • ALT+3 : Places focus in typing box of the COCC Search control.
  • ALT+4 : Places focus on the link to the current page's parent in the breadcrumb list at the top of the page. TAB will move the focus in to the body of the current page and SHIFT+TAB will move up through the breadcrumb list.
  • ALT+5 : Places focus on the ask for help link.
  • ALT+0 : Places focus on theAccessibility link in the page footer.

Other access keys may be created for Central Oregon Community College web pages in the future. As new access keys are created, this page will be updated with the new information.

Viewing pages in high-contrast mode

Internet Explorer will ignore your Windows settings and display the page as it was originally created unless you do the following:

  1. In Internet Explorer, on the Tools menu, select Internet Options and then selectAccessibility.
  2. Check Ignore Colors Specified On Web Pages , Ignore Font Styles Specified On Web Pages, and Ignore Font Sizes Specified On Web Pages, and then click OK

For information about viewing pages in high-contrast mode using other Web browsers, consult the Help for your browser.

Alt tags

Images used on Central Oregon Community College web pages contain 'alt tags,' which provide a text description of the image for use with screen readers or other assistive technologies. In cases where an alt tag would provide no information or would be redundant with bordering text, alt tags may be excluded.

Further information

If you have questions or suggestions please visit our Disability Services web,

For helpful tips and information regarding creating accessible webpages click here.