Art and Points of Interest on Campus

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Campus Art Map

This map and information was developed by COCC GIS Students Tiffany Larsen and Jessie Fischer and the COCC Campus Art committee. Other Campus Maps.


Directory of Art and Points of Interest on the COCC Bend Campus


Cascade Leaf
1. "Cascade Leaf" by Robert Gehrke
2. "Sundial" in honor of President Frederick H. Boyle
Landscape Elements
3. "Landscape Elements" by Betty Feves
Angkor Wat II
4. "Angkor Wat II" by Lee Kelly
5. "COCC Topiary" by the COCC landscape crew
Full Circle
6. "Full Circle" by Julie Speidel
She Who Watches
13. "She Who Watches" by Lillian Pitt
Petroglyph - Lillian Pitt
14. "Untitled" by Lillian Pitt
22. "Alcove" by Michael Boonstra


Weeping Norway Spruce
7. "Weeping Norway Spruce" in honor of President Frederick H.Boyle
Rhododendron Garden
19. "Rhododendron Garden" dedicated to Iris Buckles


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