Title III Advisory Committee

Shirley Metcalf, COCC President

Brian R. Gutiérrez (Project Coordinator)

Betsy Julian, Vice President of Instruction (Grant Lead and Co-Activity Lead for Math and Writing)

Alicia Moore, Dean of Student and Enrollment Services (Grant Lead and Activity Co-Lead for FYE Program)

Jennifer Newby, Instructional Dean (Activity Co-Lead for Math and Writing)

Michael Fisher, Instructional Dean (Activity Co-Lead for FYE Program)

Stacey Donohue, English/Writing Faculty (Developmental Writing Lead)

Doug Nelson, Math Faculty (Developmental Math Lead)

Sharon Bellusci, Student Services Technology Coordinator (DegreeWorks Lead)

Brynn Pierce, Director of Institutional Effectiveness

Laura Boehme, Director of IT Infrastructure

David Dona, Chief Financial Officer

Mary Ann Asson-Batres, COCC Grant Coordinator

Linda Dowden, External Evaluator