Program Requirements

Program Prerequisites

1. Classes

The first four of the following courses are required prior to entrance into the program. All courses must be successfully completed with grade of C or better. The courses noted with an * are required for graduation and may be taken during the program, though this is not recommended.

Subject Class Number Credits
Applied Mathematics *Math 60 or higher *Please note that Math 95 or higher will be the anticipated prerequisite for the fall 2016 registration. That change is not reflected in the 2014-2015 catalog. 4
Biological Science BI 101 or BI 211 4
English Composition WR 121 4
Fund of Chemistry GS 105 or *CH 104 Requires Math 95 or higher* 4
Interpersonal Communication* SP 218 3
Health* Three credits with HHP prefix (Identical HHP activity courses (1 credit) can be counted only once in this section *May be taken while in program 3

2. Required Observation Hours

Students must complete 40 hours of observation in a veterinary clinic or hospital and must provide verification of this experience by 4:30pm May 2, 2014 for the fall 2014 registration. Students who do not fulfill this requirement by the deadline will be dropped from the program.

Please submit the forms to Raquel Meyers, Allied Health Office 257, in the Health Careers Building. If you wish to send it from one of the satellite campuses, please put it in a sealed envelope addressed to Raquel Meyers, Allied Health 257, Bend Campus.

New Observation Forms will be available in 2015.

3. Required Vaccinations  

Once students have successfully registered for the Veterinary Technician program and prior to starting classes, they must certify with their primary care physician that they are current on the required Tetanus vaccination and decide on the optional Rabies vaccination. Registered students will be notified with instructions on how to submit proof of vaccinations.

Address all vaccine questions to Beth Palmer, Veterinary Technician Program Director at

4. Background Check

Registered students are required to initiate and pay for a criminal history background check . Background vender information and required due dates will be given to registered students. 

Extra Program Costs

Student Lab fee per term $300
In some cases immunization cost for Tetanus and Rabies $100-$786
Background check $55
Scrubs X 2 $75
Lab jacket x 1 $35
Coveralls $35
Farm Boots-rubber $25
Stethoscope $20
Thermometer $5
Bandage Scissors $6
Watch with second hand, water resistant $25
Name Badge $5
Calculator w/ scientific calculation ability $7
Transportation Varies
 Drug Screening $45 
 Immunization Tracking $10 

*Live animal handling labs are held off campus each week beginning in the second term of the program. Labs may be held in Bend or Redmond. Students will need to provide their own transportation to and from live animal labs.

5. Drug Screening

All registered students will undergo drug screening with the vendor approved by Central Oregon Community College prior to the start of the Veterinary Technician program. For the fall 2014 class, drug screening will be available August 15 through September 15. Students will be administratively withdrawn from the program and the seat given to an alternate student, if the required drug screening is not initiated by September 1, 2014. The drug screening may not be initiated before August 15, 2014.  The Veterinary Technician Program Director will notify the student of positive drug screens and their resulting disqualification from the Veterinary Technician Program. Students have a right to appeal the decision. 


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