Redmond Tutoring

The Tutoring Center provides free tutoring services to all currently enrolled COCC students, for the courses that they are currently taking at COCC. 

Tutoring is CLOSED on Memorial Day

Tutoring Hours at the Redmond Campus

A&P Tutoring & Microbioloby Tutoring

Tuesday 12pm to 3pm (Tutor Absent 5/19) (Bldg 1, Room 122)

Chemistry Tutoring

Tuesday 8am to 10am (Bldg 1, Room 139)

CIS Tutoring

Tuesday & Thursday 12pm to 2pm (Bldg 1, Room 139)

Math Tutoring

Monday 12:30pm to 4:30pm (Bldg 1, Room 104)

Tuesday 2pm to 8pm (Bldg 1, Room 104)

Wednesday 12pm to 4pm (Bldg 1, Room 104)

Tech Math Tutoring

Tuesday 6pm to 8pm (Bldg1, Room 104)

Writing Tutoring     

Monday 12:15pm to 3:15pm (Bldg 1, Room 139)

Thursday 3pm to 5pm (Bldg 1, Room 139)

Tutoring takes place in Building 1 on the Redmond Campus (unless otherwise noted).   

Tutoring is a free service for currently enrolled C.O.C.C. students.  Call 383-7534 or e-mail Kellie Smith ( or Tina Leslie ( if you have any questions or concerns.    









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