Technology Advisory Committee

Approved 1/2010

TAC Charter

The primary purpose of this advisory committee is to provide judicious advice on technology issues from across all areas of the college, which the ITS department can use as a source for planning technology for the college. This advisory committee provides a structured way for various college constituents to have representation share their opinions and perspectives with ITS department. The committee will develop and maintain a roll-forward three-year plan and facilitate effective communication and dialogue on technology within the college. With the growing importance of technology in all aspects of college affairs, it is important that the selected members of the committee represent a balanced cross-section of the college. The Director of the ITS department will Chair this committee. The committee will meet a minimum of once per term, or more often as appropriate.

For more information about this committee, see section G-6-8.1of COCC's General Procedures Manual

Current Members 2014-15:

Dan Cecchini, Chair

Chief Information Officer
Term:  Automatic

Jerry Schulz,
Presidential Appointment
Term:  2013-15

Charlie Naffziger,
Term:  2014-15

Connor Westover,
Student At-Large
Term:  2014-15

Tina Hovekamp
Director of Library Services
Term:  Automatic

Jeff Floyd,
Network Administrator
Term:  Automatic

Bob Reynolds,
Faculty Forum
Term:  2013-15

Kevin Kimball
Vice President
Term:  Automatic

Matt McCoy,
VP for Administration
Term:  Automatic (non-voting)

Raquel Meyers,
Classified Representative
Term:  2014-15



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