Join us Saturday, May 17th from 4 - 7 for a fun night watching Landon's favorite movie: Cars! We are encouraging everyone to dress up as their favorite Pixar or Disney character and have fun playing games, participating in activities, and enjoying a dinner and a movie! This event is absolutely free! See you there!



Landon is a 3 year old boy who has been diagnosed with leukemia and is projected to go through three and a half years of chemotherapy, which is longer than he’s been alive. When Chris March, Cadet Coordinator and one of the Public Safety Officers on campus, told us about this incredible little kid we decided to help. March told us that when Landon had to shave his head for chemo, he looked in the mirror and give a little “uh-oh”. This story inspired the beanies, which will give everyone who supports him the same goofy look as well as keep him warm during the winter. Students, staff, and community members can receive an adult or child sized beanie with an easy $5 donation. The donation is not limited to $5 by any account though; we encourage people to donate whatever is in their hearts to give. Every cent we collect from the beanies will go toward supporting the family during this difficult time as well as Leukemia research.  Team Landon is here to support Landon and his family. We plan on having a community event to watch his favorite movie Cars, more details are to come.

If you are interested in donating to Team Landon and picking up a beanie, please come to the ASCOCC room in Campus Center 207. To stay updated on Team Landon, keep an eye out on the COCC website at

Team Landon Flyer

TL bouncin

Thank you to everyone who supported Team Landon at Jump Start's event at Bouncing Off The Wall!



Thanks again for all of the support!

Team Landon is an outreach project being run through the ASCOCC.

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