Student Staff

Assistant Residence Director

The Assistant Residence Director is often times a returning staff member whose duties include assisting in the coordination of community programming and serving in a leadership role with the Resident Assistant staff.

  • Roxie Kanable

    My name is Roxie Kanable and I was born and raised in the small town of Boring, OR, and yes it is quite boring. I chose COCC because of the small class sizes, beautiful location, and close connection with OSU Cascades. I am studying Natural Resources Conservation Technology through both COCC and OSU. The best part about living in Juniper Hall is all of the close friendships that develop throughout the year. Some of my closest friends are from my first year in Juniper Hall. A fun fact about me is that my ACLs inside my knees are from two different people (cadaver donations)! Weird huh?

Resident Assistant Staff

Each section of 20-25 students has a Resident Assistant (RA) who is selected and trained to assist with student concerns, personal, social, and academic needs, and general college and community issues. RAs develop and put on programs in an effort to build relationships between the students and develop a sense of community throughout the residence hall. The RA Staff are "on duty" during the evening and weekend hours. Additionally, the RA staff are trained to handle emergency situations, enforce college and residence hall policies and regulations, and carry out general administrative tasks.

  • Katherine Noyed

    Hello everyone! My name is Katie Noyed and I am from Minnetonka, Minnesota. You may be curious as to why I moved all the way to Central Oregon. The answer is simple: the Tourism and Outdoor Leadership program… which I am no longer in! I stayed in Bend because of the nature, the friendly people, and of course, Central Oregon Community College where I am taking general courses before studying naturopathic medicine.  I love living in Juniper Hall because there is always something to do and someone to hang out with.  It’s a great environment! A fun fact about me is that I was an exchange student in Denmark for one year!

  • Casey Graziano

    My name is Casey Graziano and I am from Rockaway Beach, Oregon, a small coastal town in Tilllamook County. I chose COCC for the beautiful outdoors, small class sizes and the quality of life Bend has to offer. I am currently studying Exercise and Sport Science with a minor in Military Science. The best part about living in Juniper Hall is the feeling of having a community of peers in small location that have similar goals and interests! A fun fact about me is that I am an Army ROTC Cadet! 

  • Jennifer Nelson

    My name is Jenn Nelson, from Lake Oswego Oregon. I am currently completing prerequisites for nursing school. I chose COCC because financially it fit my family's budget, that there was a residence hall, and the sunny weather and hiking were a plus. The best part of living in Juniper Hall is the great opportunity to meet new friends as well as being on campus. A fun fact about me is that I spent a month in Ireland this past summer visiting kids I nannied and I knits hats and scarves.

  • Kavya Pendakur

    My name is Kavya Pendakur. I am originally from India, but I have been living in Forest Grove, Oregon for about 8 years. I began attending COCC last January 2013 with the goal of getting a biology degree. I chose COCC because of its location as well as for its professors, who are all well qualified and student oriented. Also, COCC is one of the few community colleges in the Northwest with on-campus housing. Personally, living in a residence hall setting has given me a sense of community and a way to connect with other goal-oriented students. Fun fact: I'm learning to play the ukelele!

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