Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for on-campus housing?

Any currently admitted student of COCC or OSU-C is eligible for on-campus housing.

Furthermore, COCC is committed to providing a positive learning environment for our students and as such, the following additional requirements are in place for students wishing to live in on-campus housing:

  • Reach eighteen (18) years of age prior to or during the academic year.
  • Pass a background check.
  • Register for a minimum of twelve (12) COCC/OSU-C graded credits at the beginning of each term and maintain registration in a minimum of eight (8) graded credits throughout each term.
    Where might I be living?

    Central Oregon Community College has one on-campus residence hall, Juniper Hall. Juniper Hall provides safe, comfortable and affordable housing to more than 100 male and female students, living in two wings joined by a common recreational and social area. Each room is furnished and houses two students. 

    What living options are available?
    • Shared Double Rooms
      Most rooms available for on-campus students are shared double rooms. You can read on our webpage about further information on room design and available amenities.
    • Single Rooms
      There are a small number of single rooms available. These rooms are held for students who demonstrate a specific need for such a living environment. If you are interested in applying for a single room please include with your returned housing application/agreement a typed explanation of why you believe you qualify for a single room accommodation and attach any supporting materials (letter from medical professional, etc). Single room requests are not guaranteed. Students assigned to a single room may be charged an additional $250.00 each term.
    May I pick my roommate?

    Yes! It is possible for you to pre-select your roommate. You can either provide information on your housing application/agreement if you already know someone you would like to room with or you will have the opportunity to meet other housing students through the use of social media, such as Facebook.

    What are the application deadlines?

    Although there is currently no deadline for on-campus housing, students are strongly encouraged to submit a housing application/agreement within three weeks before the start of each academic term.

    • Fall 2014: September 5, 2014
    • Winter 2015: December 12, 2014
    • Spring 2015: March 6, 2015
    How much does it cost to live on campus? What does that include?

    The housing agreement includes a furnished and shared double room, dining plan (meals), and all utilities except phone and including high-speed internet access and cable TV. Bathroom/shower areas are communal and there are two coin-operated laundry rooms. Furthermore, residence in on-campus housing includes access to public computers, a TV room, a game room, a small fitness room, facilitated programs and activities, and staff available 24 hours a day for emergencies.

    Rates below are anticipated, based on final COCC Board approval, and are for the academic year housing agreement:

    Term   Board   Room   Total
    Fall   $1,425   $2,229   $3,528
    Winter   $1,334   $1,932   $3,152
    Spring   $1,334   $746   $2,000
    TOTAL       $4,093       $4,907       $9,000    

    * an additional $300.00 are charged to residents starting in spring term

    * an additional $250.00 are charged to residents occupying a single room, each term

    Students need to take into consideration the TOTAL COST of attending COCC while also choosing to live on campus. Student wishing to live on-campus are STRONGLY advised to speak with the financial aid office BEFORE completing a housing agreement.

    How will I know the status of my housing application? 

    We will communicate with you via your email address throughout the process. You are responsible for checking your COCC email on a regular basis. COCC provides instructions on how to transfer email from your COCC email account to an email account you already use. It is your responsibility to ensure that email being transferred to another account is not being deleted.

    Among other email communication, you will receive a confirmation email that your application has been received, an email stating that your application is complete (or incomplete if we are missing something), follow-up emails advising you of additional expectations that need to be completed, and an email advising you of your room and roommate assignment.


    I need to cancel my agreement, how do I do that? 

    Once you have submitted a housing application/agreement, you will need to submit a written request to officially cancel your agreement. The following statements about cancelling the housing agreement can be found in the housing agreement:

    • AGREEMENT CANCELLATION BY THE STUDENT BEFORE OCCUPANCY. If the College has received a signed Agreement and payment of the Deposit, and reserved space for the Student in the Hall and then the Student refuses, fails, or elects not to move into the Hall, the College shall have the right to permanently retain the entire Deposit and charge an agreement cancellation fee. If the Student notifies Housing in writing of cancellation of the Agreement prior to August 1 (December 1 for winter applicants and March 1 for spring applicants, respectively), the College shall refund the full Deposit and any room and board fees. Notification of cancellation after aforementioned dates or lack of written notification will result in complete forfeiture of the Deposit and charge of an agreement cancellation fee.
    • AGREEMENT CANCELLATION BY THE STUDENT AFTER OCCUPANCY. This Agreement is binding on the Student for the entire academic year (fall, winter, and spring terms), unless starting in winter or spring terms in which case the Agreement is for the period of the remainder of the academic year. The Student may not terminate this Agreement without prior approval of the College. The Student may request to terminate this Agreement after occupancy has taken place by submitting written notification to Housing. In the event of Agreement cancellation, the Student shall vacate the assigned room by the agreed upon date and comply with all agreement cancellation fees.
    I am ready to apply…what's next? 

    Print off a Housing Application and Agreement, fill it out, and send it in!

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