Traffic Citation Appeal Form

The Citations Appeals Board has the responsibility of judging most traffic and parking citation appeals (ADA and city citations excluded). If you believe the citation you received was unfair, or that there were extenuating circumstances which should be considered, you have the right to appeal your citation. Appeal forms are available at the Campus Public Safety Office in the Boyle Education Center, the ASCOCC Student Government Office in the Campus Center Building, and at the Cashier Station in the Boyle Education Center.

Please visit one of the three locations above for your citation appeal form. Keep in mind all appeal forms with an attached copy of the citation or the original citation will need to be turned back in to the Campus Public Safety Office in the Boyle Education Center room 161. 

Please contact Campus Public Safety for any additional questions or concerns regarding the citation appeals process at (541) 383-7272. 

Citation Appeal Form

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