Required Courses & Estimated Costs

To earn a certificate all required courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or better and students must maintain a 2.0 overall GPA to graduate. Also see entrance prerequisites.  

 Course List
WR 121
English Composition 4 cr.Pharmacy tech COCC 9
AH 111 Medical Terminology I 3 cr.
BI 121 Anatomy and Function I 4cr.
PHM 100 Introduction to Pharmacy Technician 4cr.

PHM 101 Law and Ethics for Pharmacy Technicians 3cr.
PHM 120 Drug Classification and Therapeutics I 3cr.
AH 112 Medical Terminology II 3cr.
BI 122 Anatomy and Function II 4cr.
PHM 110 Pharmacy Calculations 3cr.
PHM 140 Pharmacy Technician Procedures 4cr.
PHM 130 Drug Classification and Therapeutics II 3cr.
PHM 190 Practicum I: Hospital/Institutional 3cr.
PHM 191 Practicum II: Retail/Community 3cr.
PHM 181 Pharmacy Technician Seminar 1cr.
SP 218 Interpersonal Communication 3cr.

CIS120 Computer concepts 4 cr.


Pharmacy tech COCC 10

In addition to tuition the estimated costs for students to complete the entire program are:

  • Books $700
  • Program Fees $450
  • On-line Fees $170
  • Equipment and Supplies $100
  • Criminal Background Check $50
  • Drug Screen $65
  • Pharmacy Tech License $102
  • Immunizations $250
  • CPR Certificate $55

Contact the Financial Aid office at 541-383-7260 to find out if you qualify for help with these costs. Students are responsible for costs related to travel to the COCC campus and practicum locations.



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