Personal Counseling

What is personal counseling?

The goal of personal counseling at COCC is to assist you in resolving personal issues that may be preventing you from achieving your potential at COCC. Different from Academic Advisors, Professional Counselors are available on the Bend campus to meet with any student enrolled in at least one credit or Adult Basic Education/English Language Learner course. There is no charge for this service.

COCC provides this service to students through a partnership in which the College has contracted with St. Charles Behavioral Health to provide professional counselors on campus. SCMC has numerous therapists with a wide range of experience in all aspects of mental health. All counselors hold master's degrees in their field and are licensed professional counselors.

Make an Appointment
Personal counseling appointments can be made by visiting the CAP Center (located in the lower level of the Library) during regular business hours or by calling 541-383-7200. For more information on Personal Counseling services and appointments, students can also send an email to For students enrolled at OSU Cascades see OSU Cascades Counseling Services.


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