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Whether you want to work in an emergency room, with a team of professionals at a fire agency, or as a paramedic, COCC's Paramedicine program can get you there.  With some of the area's top paramedics serving as your instructors, your classes are taught by the best in the field, by people who've been there, by people who've served on the front lines of medical emergencies. 

Associate of applied science in Paramedicine degree requirements are listed below.  For those students interested in expanding their employment opportunities and career path, the Paramedicine and SFS programs have established a course plan that will allow students to earn degrees in both Structural Fire Science (SFS) and Paramedicine in a three year time-frame.  To accommodate this need, COCC allows students to combine some general education courses to meet both degree requirements.  

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For more information please contact Nick Sphatt at 541-383-7751 or by email at

Please see your advisor if you have transfer credits or are only able to attend part-time.

Important Note:  COCC's Paramedic courses are a competitive entry program. First year courses are open to all students.  Students should complete as many of these courses as possible prior to applying to the Paramedic courses.  Second year classes are open only to admitted Paramedic students.  All students should contact the COCC Admissions Office for application details early in the first year.

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