The Foundational Classes of Outdoor Leadership


First Year Outdoor Leadership Courses – Major Requirements

 These classes serve as the foundation of the Outdoor Leadership Program. Students become exposed to initial levels of theory behind recreation and education in the outdoors, as well as beginning to develop basic outdoor skills that transcend activities. Students begin gaining a strong sense of the Outdoor industry and where they hope to fit and find their own careers. Some of the fundamental experiences include a solo experience, snow shelter construction and use, as well as the  introduction to various activities such as backpacking, snowshoeing, rock climbing, whitewater rafting, and back country snow riding.


OL 111 Introduction to Outdoor Leadership

Designed to introduce students to the field of outdoor recreation, outdoor education, adventure education, therapeutic recreation, and experiential education. Upon completion of this course, students should have a good understanding of the differences between the subspecialties in the field. Includes the history of programs, an introduction to theories, current topics, career options, and preparation needed for those careers. Course may help students decide if an educational path in outdoor leadership is something they wish to pursue. Guest speakers representing various careers/areas will present their experiences to the class. This is a foundation course and a recommended prerequisite to outdoor leadership program courses. Pre-requisite: WR 65  Currently taught as part of the Fall-Block and Winter term. 3 credits.


OL 253 Wilderness Advanced First Aid

This course is designed to provide the student with the necessary knowledge and skills to care for an injured or suddenly ill person in a remote location. The methods and protocols presented in this class follow the Wilderness Medical Society guidelines for a 36 hour certification and are specific to a wilderness setting. The Wilderness Medical Society defines wilderness as a remote geographical location more than one hour from definitive care. Currently taught as part of the Fall-Block and Winter and Spring terms. 3 credits


OL 255 Outdoor Living Skills

Educates the student on how to travel safely for extended periods in the backcountry. Presents essentials of life (water, food and shelter/clothing) and how they can be provided in an outdoors setting. Also, discusses navigation, backcountry medicine and wilderness use/wilderness concepts. Lecture, discussion and lab (demonstration, practical application and practice) used. Students conduct one solo overnight and one group weekend outing. Currently taught as part of the Fall-Block and Winter and Spring terms. 3 credits.

Camille Lea 

OL 171 Technical Skills for Outdoor Leaders

This course focuses on introducing students to a variety of basic skills, gear, and systems necessary for a variety of Outdoor pursuits, including alpine mountaineering, challenge course and rock climbing.  Students are introduced to a variety of skills, with the intention of moving into more guide-oriented courses later in their program.  This class will present students with various technical skills that will serve as a foundation for the advanced training in specific outdoor disciplines. Students will be introduced to gear, such as software (ropes, webbing, harnesses) and hardware (carabiners, friction devices); skills, such as knots, belaying, rappelling; and systems such as anchors, raises, lowers.

There are several other courses students are expected to complete before continuing on with Second Year (Leadership Development) courses. These include the courses below, which may serve as prerequisites for specific classes.

WR 121         English Composition  

SP 111           Fundamentals of Public Speaking    

HHP 295        Health and Fitness for Life   

CIS 120          Computer Concepts   4 or CIS 131   Software Applications


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