Nursing Program

Central Oregon Community College's Nursing Program is accredited by the Oregon State Board of Nursing to provide students with the academic and clinical preparation necessary to sit for state and national licensure exams upon completion of the program.

The Nursing Program provides a career ladder with exit points at the Nursing Assistant, Practical Nurse and Registered Nurse levels. In addition, students who complete the RN, AAS degree may then complete their Bachelor of Science in Nursing online in cooperation with Linfield College or Oregon Health Sciences University. Alternatively, students may complete the Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer Nursing Preparation degree to prepare for application directly to many of the Oregon Universities that offer the Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

    Practical and Registered Nurse

    • Registered Nurse (RN) Program - for students who would like to earn their Practical Nurse Certification and/or Registered Nurse, Associates of Applied Science

    Nursing Student Profiles

    Makenzi Klein
    2nd year COCC Nursing Student

    Student Profile - Makenzi

    I've known I wanted to a nurse since I was 12. I've always felt driven by my compassion and love for people. I grew up in Central Oregon so after high school I enrolled and completed the prerequisites at COCC for the nursing program. In my second year at COCC I married my husband who was at the time active duty enlisted in the Marine Corps. I put my education on hold for two years to live with him on the east coast where he was stationed. He finished his enlistment and we decided to move back to Bend because we love it here and I knew I could get a quality, affordable education at COCC. The COCC Nursing Program is great because with a relatively small class size it fosters a sense of community among the students. The new Health Careers building offers realistic simulated hospitals and mannequins which allow us to master our skills and build confidence in a safe environment before entering the clinical setting. The faculty of nurses come from a variety of educational backgrounds and specialty work experience. This provides students with a well-rounded curriculum, expertise and advice about the many different roles of a working nurse. After graduating from the nursing program I plan on pursuing a master's degree in nurse-midwifery and maybe even owning my own birthing center someday... in beautiful Bend, OR of course!

    Jeff Coughenour
    2nd year COCC Nursing Student

    Student Profile - Jeff

    After ski patrolling professionally at Mt. Bachelor for 16 years, I decided to expand my horizons in healthcare. I ended up in the COCC Nursing Program by applying myself diligently to two years of pre-requisites and committing myself to becoming a nurse. I like that in the COCC Nursing Program, students have the opportunity to apply themselves in the real world during clinicals. We, unlike some nursing schools, get to learn with real patients. The Nursing faculty at COCC are caring nurses who have practiced in the nursing field who can bring their wisdom and critical thinking to challenge us to learn. I want to be a nurse to support my family, to challenge myself and to make a difference in people's lives. I want to ultimately work in the Emergency Department or Intensive Care Unit for St. Charles here in Bend. I would like to be a practicing nurse until I retire.

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