Medical Assistant Entrance Requirements

Potential changes to Medical Assistant Program for Fall Term 2016 - PLEASE CLICK HERE

All students interested in the Medical Assistant program must:

  1. Have a high school diploma or GED and submit documentation by the required date

  2. Complete Math 95 or higher (Click here for more information)

  3. Complete AH 111, AH 112, CIS 120, BI 121 and BI122 (or BI231, BI232 and BI233) with a "C" or better

  4. Submit to a background check and drug testing and pay the fee by the required date

  5. Complete the required immunizations (see related link)

  6. Complete required paperwork and sign required consents

  7. Take the ACCUPLACER placement test and receive the minimum scores or complete the equivalent courses listed below, plus meet the computer competency requirement prior to Winter Term:




Reading: 81

Writing 40, 65 75 or 95
Writing: 95


Students must be registered in prerequisite classes by Spring or Summer Term for them to count towards Fall registration.

Students who have not taken AH 113 (Introduction to Study of Disease) prior to entering the program will need to complete this class during the fall term that they enter the core MA classes.


*Transfer students wishing to use transfer classes as prerequisites should read the document below:

Explanation of Process To Use Transfer Credits To Meet Enforced Prerequisites



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