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  • Multicultural Activities lists events that involve COCC and OSU-Cascades students. Please check back often as new events are added on an on-going basis. For more campus event listings visit "What's New" on the COCC Home page.

    Unless stated otherwise below, all events are free and open to the public. For more information, contact Karen Roth at 541.383.7412 or kroth1@cocc.edu.

  • Student Club Meetings in the Multicultural Center

    African American Heritage Club,
    Contact Teryl Young for more information: tyoung@cocc.edu

    Asian Student Club 
    November meetings are Thursday, Nov. 5 and Friday, November 20 at noon – 1 pm in the Multicultural Center, 217 Coats Campus Center.  Contact David Liu, dliu@cocc.edu, 541-383-7725

    Aztec Dance Group
    Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, 5:30 pm, Mazama Dance Studio, Bend Campus.  For more information, contact Bill Hoppe, whoppe@cocc.edu.

    First Nations Student Union
    Wednesdays, noon – 1pm, Multicultural Center, 217 Coats Campus Center, Bend Campus. Contact Gina Ricketts for more information: rricketts@cocc.edu

    Gay Straight Alliance
    Frist meeting on Tuesday, November 10 at 2 - 3 pm, in front of the Multicultural Center, 217 Coats Campus Center, Bend Campus.  Contact Karen Roth for more information: kroth1@cocc.edu

    Jewish Student Club, First meeting on Thursday, November 12, 6 pm at Laughing Planet, 913 NE 3rd Street, Bend.  Event is free and open to anyone interested in Jewish culture.  Please rsvp to Pat Givens, pgivens@cocc.edu.  To carpool, meet at ASCOCC office in CCB Room 207 at 5:30 pm.

    Latino Club Bend Campus
    Tuesdays, Noon - 1 pm, Multicultural Center, 217 Coats Campus Center, Bend Campus. Contact Evelia Sandoval for more information: esandoval@cocc.edu

    Latino Club Redmond Campus
    Wednesdays, November 4 & 18, Noon - 1 pm, Multicultural Center, 303 Building 3, Redmond Campus. Contact Evelia Sandoval for more information: esandoval@cocc.edu

    Programs and Events for October 2015

    Dia de los Muertos Celebration
    Monday, November 2, Noon – 1 pm, Campus Center Dining Room, Bend
    Join us for a pre-Hispanic celebration remembering those who have gone before us. Learn more about this day and where it comes from. There will be several Aztec dances to go along with the presentation.

    Dia de los Muertos Cookie and Sugar Skull decorating
    Tuesday, November 3, Noon – 1 pm, Multicultural Center, Bend Campus

    Wednesday, November 4, Noon – 1 pm, Room 303, Building 3, Redmond
    Thursday, November 5, 11:30 am – 1 pm, Madras Campus

    Join the Latino Club to learn more about el Dia de los Muertos while decorating cookies and sugar skulls.

    North African Soiree smNorth African Soiree *
    Monday, November 16, 4:00 pm in Wille Hall, Coats Campus Center, Bend 

    This is a roundtable discussion with these scholars: Dr. Robert Harrison will address ancient and modern ideas of the Caliphate;  Karim Hamdy will talk about Tunisia since the Arab Spring; Jessica Hammerman will talk about the enduring impact of French culture on the region.  We’ll celebrate by eating food catered by Kebaba and listening to North African Music. This event is sponsored by ASCOCC's World Cultures Club and Multicultural Activities. 

    Transgender awareness smThe Many Faces of Gender:  What Does It Mean To Be Female or Male?? *
    Thursday, November 19, noon – 1:30 pm, Board Room, Second Floor, Boyle Education Center
    Presented by COCC Faculty, Rebecca Walker-Sands

    Curious about Caitlyn Jenner?  Transgender and other ways of being have biological bases that are becoming less mysterious.  However, we tend to look at life in a dichotomous fashion:  nature vs. nurture; male vs. female. Are there only two options?  This talk presents the variety of outcomes, in both humans and non-humans, for sex determination and gender expression.  Biological contributions will be emphasized along with a discussion of cultural components.

    November is Native American Heritage Month!

    Film and Discussion:  Dakota 38 + 2 *
    Wednesday, November 4, 3:30 – 5:30 pm, Hitchcock Auditorium, 201 Pioneer, Bend Campus
    Friday, November 6, 6 – 8 pm, Madras Campus
    Jim Miller and Alberta Ironcloud highlight their work on this documentary.  In the spring of 2005, Jim Miller, a Native spiritual leader and Vietnam veteran, found himself in a dream.  Just before he awoke, he saw a vision of 38 of his Dakota ancestors who were hanged. At the time, Jim knew nothing of the largest mass execution in United States history, ordered by Abraham Lincoln on December 26, 1862.  Now, four years later, Jim and a group of riders retrace the 330-mile route of his dream on horseback to arrive at the hanging site on the anniversary of the execution. This is the story of their journey.

    Historical Stories of the Klamath with Gordon Bettles *
    Tuesday, November 10, 3:30-5:00 in Hitchcock Auditorium, Bend Campus.
    Meet and Greet at 1:30 in the Multicultural Center, Coats Campus Center, Bend Campus.
    Gordon Bettles serves a Director of Native American Initiatives at the University of Oregon, and has been conducting research in areas related to Northwest tribes.  He worked for the Klamath Tribes for seventeen years and served as the first director of its Culture and Heritage Department.

    Twine Basket Making with Tyrone Cole
    Wednesday, November 18, 1 – 4 pm in the Multicultural Center, 217 Coats Campus Center, Bend Campus
    This is a potluck so please bring something to share. Materials will be provided and this event is not appropriate for children.

    Native Lives MatterWhy Don’t Native Lives Matter? *
    Wednesday, November 18, 6:30-8:30 pm, St Helens Hall, 231 NW Idaho, Bend
    Justine Lowry and Gina Ricketts will speak on the influence of the Doctrine of Discovery and the media’s interpretation of Native Lives.

    (* This program earns hours towards the Diversity Education Program Award.  See the website:  http://www.cocc.edu/diversity-committee/diversity-education-award/ for more information, and contact Karen Roth, kroth1@cocc.edu to sign up.)

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