Massage Therapy Quality of Instruction

We believe a program can only be as excellent as it’s instructors. COCC’s Massage Therapy Program sets high standards for all part-time faculty. Certificate and degree program instructors include COCC faculty as well as experienced professionals in the massage therapy field. Technical instructors have extensive training in specific techniques.

Introduction to a Massage Career: Alan Nunes AAS LMT, Whitney Sorenson AAS LMT

Anatomy & Function & Anatomy & Physiology: Biology Dept staff
Kinesiology I, II, III, IV: Dr Rodney Cross DC BA 

Massage Fundamentals:  Amber Clark LMT
Massage I: Alan Nunes AAS LMT
Massage II: Amber Clark LMT 
Clinic:  Amber Clark LMT, Whitney Sorenson AAS LMT Alan Nunes AAS LMT, Tabitha ward LMT

Eastern Theory & Practice: Alan Nunes AAS LMT

Neuromuscular Treatments: Regina Callahan LMT
Clinical Assessment: Rodney Cross DC BA

Cranio Sacral I: Regina Callahan LMT
Spa treatments: Karen Karnes LMT

Integrated Therapies: staff
Advanced Clinic I: Amber Clark LMT 

Pathology: Whitney Sorenson AAS LMT

Shiatsu: Alan Nunes AAS LMT
Business: staff 

Sports Massage: Amber Clark LMT
Hydrotherapy: Whitney Sorenson AAS LMT

Professional Ethics & Rules: Whitney Sorenson AAS LMT
Thai Massage: Jessica Layton LMT
Effective Office Decisions: Amber Clark LMT


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