• Celebrate Poetry & Libraries in April!

  • Every year in April, the Library celebrates National Poetry Month with a series of events and displays. In 2012, poetry was posted in unusual places throughout the Library. In 2013, we sponsored a haiku poetry contest. Winners received prizes and read at our cake party. The winning poems are posted below. In 2014, we had music, magnetic poetry, and cake in the rotunda. (Can you tell that we like cake?!) We hope you will join us again in April 2015 as we celebrate poetry, libraries, and creativity. 

    2015 Events 

    Starting April 16: "Poetree" and magnetic poetry in the Rotunda; book exhibits in the Library
    Starting April 20: Poetry in Unexpected Places
    Thursday, April 23: Cake party! 1:30-2 pm
    Starting April 27: Poetry in Pockets in the Rotunda to help you prepare for National Poem in Your Pocket Day 

    We're also trying out a new online resource this month: Granger's World of Poetry. Try it out and let us know what you think! Should we subscribe or not?

    2013 Haiku Poetry Contest Winning Entries
    Grand Prize & Rain Category Winner
    Natalia Apalategui

    Rain drops are falling
    To join pond ‘s cold dark water.
    My tears will not dry.

    Fishing Category Winner
    Camille Hollinger

    Fishing pole and boat
    New tackle box and fresh bait
    I'll do work later.

    Dirt Category Winner
    James Myers

    a BOAR mistaken for a FOX

    All you are is DIRT
    Scum of the earth; a rotten,

    Laundry Category Winner
    Andrea Cisneros

    Never ending chore
    Just pretend it isn't there
    It won’t go away!

    Soup Category Winner
    Barb Foltz

    Soybean paste, tofu
    Green onions, proper spoon, health
    Home, Ahh! miso soup

    Baseball Category Winner
    Camille Hollinger

    Baseball season roars
    I need to study those books
    Instead I swing bats


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