Information Literacy Instruction

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The Library offers information literacy (IL) instruction in a variety of formats:

  • Credit courses for students: Lib 100, Lib 127, Lib 227 description & outcomes
  • Faculty education: one-on-one training, assignment design, and workshops
  • Classroom IL Sessions: hands-on experience for the whole class, led by a librarian (faculty, click on the "Schedule an IL Session" button above to schedule a classroom visit)

    Faculty Education & Support

    Classroom IL Sessions

    Classroom IL sessions are most effective when...

    • held in a computer lab. Hands-on experience is important for students to learn and remember these new concepts and skills.
    • tied to a specific assignment.
    • they focus on one or two specific resources rather than a general overview of the Library's resources. (Remember, we'll help you design an effective research assignment, too!)