Information Literacy Instruction

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What is Information Literacy (IL)?

The American Library Association (ALA) defines information literacy as "a set of abilities requiring individuals to recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information."

Faculty Support

The Library supports IL across the curriculum and at all COCC campuses with the following services:

  • Classroom IL Sessions: Hands-on experience for the whole class, led by a librarian. We can't cover all aspects of "how to do research" in a single class period (we have credit-bearing classes for that!), but we can teach one or two discrete skills that will be immediately applicable to your assignments.
  • Research Assignment Design: Collaborate with a librarian on designing an assignment that will make the best use of Library resources.
  • One-on-one Training: Meet with a librarian and get a custom orientation to the Library, focusing on your discipline, assignments and needs.
  • Custom Tutorials and Research Guides for Your Class: No time for an in-class IL session? We can create an online research guide or tutorial for an assignment or a specific resource. Examples.
  • IL Teaching Tools: Use any of the information literacy teaching materials found on our "How Do I?...Library Tutorials" page. The tools on this page range from video tutorials on specific resources to Tina Hovekamp's Lib 127 units.
  • IL Outcomes: We can collaborate with you on developing specific IL outcomes that support your course- and/or program-level outcomes. Examples.
  • Other Collaborative Efforts: We love to work with you! If you've got an idea for how you'd like to incorporate IL into your class that isn't in the list above, just get in touch and tell us about it.
  • College Now/High School Dual Enrollment Support: We support high school classes in which students are receiving COCC credit in all of the ways listed above, but we also have additional information and details for high school instructors.

    IL in Writing Courses

    Contact Us

    • Schedule an in-class IL session by filling out the IL Session Request form. (High school instructors, use the College Now IL Session Request form.) Once you submit the form, we will assign a librarian for your session and reserve a computer lab. Contact Mary Beth Hamilton (, 541-383-7564) if you have any questions about scheduling.
    • If you want any other kind of IL support (assignment design, custom research guide, one-on-one training, etc.), contact a librarian.
      • Cat Finney:, 541-383-7559
      • Michele DeSilva:, 541-383-7565
      • Tina Hovekamp:, 541-383-7295

    Credit Courses for Students

    We offer 3 credit-bearing courses for students. All courses are offered online. More information about each course can be found at the link below.

    Lib 100, Lib 127, Lib 227 description & outcomes