Information Literacy Instruction for Writing Classes

Writing Classes

We have worked with the composition team to agree on the following Information Literacy Outcomes for WR 60 & 65.

WR 60 and WR 65

Fall Term 2011, the Developmental Education Committee decided on the following information literacy outcomes for WR 60 and WR 65:

WR 60

  • Students will be able to use online and print specialized encyclopedias to expand background knowledge, help explore topics, and insert prepared in-text citations for instructor-provided items.

WR 65

  • Students will become familiar with basic library resources to expand background knowledge and help explore topics, and will be able to insert prepared in-text citations for instructor-provided items.
  • Students will be able to execute effective web searching and evaluation of web resources for critical reading, writing, and thinking.

WR 121 and WR 122

As of fall 2013, librarians WILL visit your WR 121 and/or WR 122 course (this is a shift from past policy).

Additional Options for Consultation and Training for Writing faculty:

  • Attend librarian-led IL workshops (offered occasionally). 
  • Enroll in LIB 127 (Information Research Skills). Part-time faculty should contact Stephen Newcombe at 541-383-7205 for tuition waiver information.
  • Request individual training on Library resources and research assignment designs by contacting faculty librarians Cat Finney (, 541-383-7559) or Tina Hovekamp (, 541-383-7295).
  • Want an online, course-specific research guide for your class or a resources by subject page for a specific subject? Contact librarian Michele DeSilva (, 541-383-7565).
  • Reuse content from librarian Tina Hovekamp's Lib 127 class. Librarians are also happy to add you to their Blackboard courses, from which you can reuse content in your own courses. Contact Cat Finney (, 541-383-7559) for Lib 100 or Lib 127 classes and Tina Hovekamp (, 541-383-7295) for Lib 127 or Lib 227.
  • Reuse any of the information literacy teaching materials found on our "How Do I?...Library Tutorials" page.