Researching Controversial Topics

The Library has several resources that specifically help you research controversial topics. It's especially important when researching controversial topics to make sure you have credible sources from both sides of the issue. Many of our Library resources are designed to help you do just that.

You'll find these resources in our "Resources by Subject" guides, on the "News & Current Events" page.

To get there, click on the "Resources by Subject" icon on the Library home page:

Then, select the link for "News and Current Events."

In the section labeled "Articles & More," (because these are tools for finding journal, magazine, newspaper, and trade publication articles) you'll find two excellent resources for finding controversial topics. These are CQ Researcher & TOPICsearch.

Current Events Resources

CQ Researcher

CQ Researcher is a series of reports on important issues that are in the news. The reports are written by expert journalists, fact checked by a team of editors, and supported with references - giving them all the hallmarks of a credible resource. 

You can search for your topic in the search box on the top right - or, you may see your topic in the list of "Hot Topics" on the right side of the screen. 

CQ Researcher

When you find a report on your topic, notice the menu along the left side of the screen that lets you navigate within the report. Notice, particularly, the pro/con section and the bibliography & next steps sections. The pro/con section gives you informed opinion from either side of an issue, and the bibliography and next steps sections point you in the direction of more resources on your topic.

CQ Researcher 2


TOPICsearch helps you find articles from newspapers and magazines. Many of these are things that would not be freely available on the web. You can simply search for your topic, or you can choose one of the current events or issues listed on the bottom half of the screen and explore it more.