Redmond Campus MATC Building 3 Classes Canceled Tonight

Due to a damaged water main, the Manufacturing and Technology Center (MATC) at the COCC Redmond Campus is closed for the rest of today. All COCC classes held in Building 3 only on the Redmond Campus are canceled for tonight, Monday Nov. 30. 

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GEO 295


Romanticism and Wilderness - Dubos, White

Late 19th Century - Thoreau(Spring), Thoreau(The Maine Woods)

Turn of the Century and the Wilderness Cult - Muir

The Land Ethic - Hardin(The Tragedy), Hardin(We Must Earn), Mckibben

Philosophy of Wilderness - Snyder, Abbey, Douglas

Federal Lands Legislation - Wilderness Act USDAFS

PLACES, What Now? - Krieger, M.H.  "What's wrong with plastic trees?"