Community Patrons & Visitors

Community Patrons

All Oregon residents 16 years of age or older may check out materials from the local circulating collection after they acquire a community card. A valid photo id and signed community card application (available at the circulation desk) are required for community cards. Community cards are mailed for address verification. A community card also allows access to the Internet and Library research tools at the Library's public workstations.

The Library does not issue library cards to children younger than 16 years old unless they are currently enrolled in COCC credit courses. Note that College Policy G-4-0 (Children on Campus) states, "Children (under age 15) are not permitted on campus unless directly supervised by a responsible adult. This adult accepts responsibility for maintaining acceptable behavior on the part of the child."

Community Patrons may also be interested in the Libraries of Oregon website, which provides access to research databases for all Oregonians.

Computer Access for Visitors and Community Patrons

Temporary Guest Passes are available for visitors. Visitors with their own laptops or mobile devices may use the Open Community Wireless Network without a guest pass. Members of the community who wish to use the Library's collections and computers can get a Community User Library Card. Applications for the Community Card are available at the Circulation Desk. A valid photo ID is required for both a Guest Pass and a Community Card.

Temporary Account Policy

The library creates temporary, 1-week accounts for visitors needing access to the campus network. Visitors must show a valid photo ID to receive a temporary account. A patron may receive a maximum of two temporary accounts. Subsequently, he/she may apply for a regular community account to extend computer access to one-year and to gain library borrowing privileges. To set up such an account, a patron must show a valid photo ID.