Library Exhibits and Art Gallery

The Barber Library hosts rotating art exhibits through out the academic year in the Rotunda Gallery. The expansive Rotunda area within the main lobby of the library has an abundance of natural light and architectural features that creates a commanding area for the visual arts. The gallery displays the creative talents of students, faculty and regional artists with the purpose of provoking artistic interpretation in a learning environment. Find out more about showing your art in the  Rotunda Gallery.

Oregon State University Cascades
2015 Bachelor of Fine Arts  - Senior Thesis Exhibition

May 13 through June 12, 2015

Opening Reception - Thursday, May 21 
4:30-6:00 pm  Light refreshments will be served. 

This year's Bachelor of Fine Arts graduates from the Oregon State University Cascades program are the first graduates to have developed skills and techniques in Digital Painting.

Digital Painting demands a knowledge of the formal elements of shape, space, perspective, value, color, line, texture and pattern. This knowledge must be applied to composition using the principles of design; balance, emphasis, focal point, scale, proportion, unity, variety,  rhythm and repetition. Behind all techniques is critical thinking. The artist must form an idea and then develop that idea with their skills in art. The artists in this exhibition can move between acrylic and oil painting on canvas to digital painting to photography and printmaking because art is about the idea thinking comes first and media is second.


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Permanent Collections on Display

Van Vleet Photography Historical Collection dating from 1900’s 

Updegraff Typewriter Collection dating from 1881 to 1924.