Jessica Russell

Dept(s): Health and Human Performance
Office: Mazama Gymnasium 206D
Phone: 541-318-3712 x3712
Fax: 541-317-3061

 Fall 2014 Office Hours

Office:   MAZ 206D                         

Tuesdays:  1-2pm

Wendesdays:  1-3pm


*If my regularly scheduled office hours do not work with your schedule, please feel free to set up an appointment. Contact me by phone or email.

Known Changes to office hours:

10/10-10/24= not on campus; potential for phone and Skype meetings

**NEW CHANGE:  no in-office office hour 10/27-10/31 (will accept emails and can set-up phone calls if needed)

11/11; 11/27= Holidays  (campus closed)

11/14-11/21= Cohort expedition; by appointment

11/26= changed to 11:00am-1:00pm

12/8-12/12= Finals week; by appointment

***Sometimes events come up and office hours will need to be cancelled or re-scheduled.  Please check this site for updated office hours before visiting.

 Best,   Jessie

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