Jessica Hammerman

Dept(s): History
Office: Modoc Hall 219
Phone: 541-383-7235 x7235
Fax: 541-330-4396

Welcome to my page! I teach World history and European history at COCC and OSU Cascades.  My research specialty is in Modern France and its relationship to its colonies, specifically Algeria. I am currently finishing a manuscript about French-Algerian Jews at the end of the French colonial period during the Franco-Algerian War for independence (1954-1962).

For Fall 2015, my office hours are as follows:

  • Monday, 8:30-10:30 
  • Tuesday, 9-10
  • Wednesday, 8:30-10:30

Please make an appointment within these times by sending an email to

Classes Offered:

HST 104  Ancient Societies (Prehistory–500 C.E.)
HST 105  Expansion of World Religions (600 C.E. to 1700)
HST 106  Modern World History: Industrialization, Nations and War, 1800 – Present

HST 102   Europe: From the Middle Ages to Enlightenment (700-1700 C.E.)
HST 103  Europe: Revolution and War (1789 – Present)

HST 235  Sexuality in 20th-century Europe
HST 260  History of Islamic Civilizations

Jessica Hammerman, Ph.D
Assistant Professor, History

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