COCC Website and online systems to be down beginning Friday

In order to perform critical upgrades and maintenance of online systems, all COCC online systems will be shut down from Friday, Sept. 4 through Monday, Sept. 7. The College is closed during that time for the extended Labor Day weekend.
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Secure Shred Bin Locations

Secure Shred Bin Locations on Campus. Scroll below the map for more information on each location.


Secure Shred Bins Map

Boyle Education Center: Admissions & Records Area, call ext. 7241 for more info

Boyle Education Center: Safety & Security Area, call ext. 3073 for more info

Coats Campus Center: Second floor of the Coats Campus Center, in the Student Life Office, room 208, call ext. 7256 for more info

Chandler: Outside of Greenhouse at Chandler, call ext. 7275 for more info

Grandview: First Floor of Grandview, inside the 111-125 office area (next to 109), call ext. 3715 for more info

Health Careers: Second floor of Health Careers, outside of classroom 260, call ext. 7576 for more info

Library: Bottom Floor of Library outside Ed Sea's office, Library 020, call ext. 7735 for more info

Library: First Floor of Library inside the Circulation Desk area, call ext. 7735 for more info

Mazama: Second Floor of the gym, inside Lydia Hernandez's office, Mazama 206, call ext. 7761 for more info

Metolius: Second Floor of Metolius, in the Workroom outside the VP's office, Room 206, call ext. 7205 for more info

Modoc: Second Floor of Modoc, inside the Modoc Workroom, Modoc 208, call ext. 7231 for more info

Newberry:  East side of Newberry outside the HR director's office, call ext. 7208 for more info

Pioneer: Second Floor of Pioneer, inside the staff workroom, call ext. 7289 for more info

Science Center: Second floor of Science Center, inside room 275A, call ext. 7551 for more info 

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