Personal (Non-COCC) Computers at COCC


 The following policy identifies essential limitations regarding the use of non-COCC computers on our campus.

Abiding by this policy is critical for the security and reliability of COCC's technology services. If non-COCC computers are connected to our network in any other way, every server and workstation on the COCC network is put at risk. While ITS is able to carefully manage and monitor COCC Computers for spyware, viruses, and patch needs, this is not possible for non-COCC computers.

With these concerns in mind we support the following access mechanisms in select locations for your personal (non-COCC) computers. NOTE: Use of these networks will require that the user login to identify themselves using a COCC network account.

Campus Wireless


 Non-COCC computers should not be connected to the COCC network using any other method. If the above methods are not sufficient for a recurring employee need the involved staff member or supervisor should submit an ITS helpdesk ticket requesting information regarding the possibility for special arrangements.

ITS is currently investigating network security options to ensure only COCC Computers are able to utilize those network taps. Please help COCC saves 10's of thousands of dollars by working with IT to keep our network secure.

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