If you are a student please go to Office 365 for email account information.

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Forward your COCC to a different account             Connecting to your COCC network documents using Outlook Web Access
Changing your Password    Mailbox Cleanup
Setting up your iPhone to receive COCC Email    Setting up your Android Phone to receive COCC Email
 Important Facts
  •  Maximum allowed email message sizes
    •  maximum size COCC's email system will accept from the outside is 20 MB
    •  maximum size that can be sent from within COCC's email system is 9 MB
  • Mailbox size limits
    •  Mailboxes are limited to 2 GB.
  •  Incoming messages which will be blocked
    • Messages containing known, detectable viruses.
    • Messages which are known to be SPAM. 
Getting started with Outlook 2010

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