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 COCC provides qualifying COCC STUDENTS with an email account via Microsoft Office 365 anywhere internet access is available.

Things to know:

  • Username Logins to all COCC PCs, COCC Wireless and Office 365 student email use the student's COCC EMAIL Address followed by (ex.
  • A student's COCC email address is the first initial of your first name and whole last name (no hyphens) and may have number digits on the end.  
  • Your Password
    • The original COCC email password can be found in Bobcat web account under Personal Information, Email Addresses
    • Note: if you want to change your COCC network login password, from any COCC on-campus PC you must be logged into the PC with your valid login information and then from the keyboard type CTRL-ALT-DEL keys and you will have the change password option. Or you may contact the COCC Pioneer Computer Lab (541-383-7722) Monday-Friday 8-5 pm for assistance.
  • Students can access their email from the COCC Student Login page -

Helpful links:

If you have questions, difficulties logging in, password problems, or would like more information, please FIRST contact any COCC Computer lab available via (Pioneer Lab 541-383-7722). If you have tried the COCC Computer Labs and are still having technical issues, you can email or call 541-383-7716. Please be sure to provide specific details regarding the technical issue and your name, 82# and contact information. Feedback365 email and phone is not for password problems.

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