Lookup Your Email Address & Initial Password

Login to your Bobcat Web Account.

  •  For help logging in to this system read the detailed instructions and help information displayed on the login web page.

Select the Personal Information link. 

Select the View E-mail Address(es) link. 

If you have been assigned a COCC email address it will be displayed here along with a comment including your initial password for Campus Computers, Wireless, Email and Blackboard

  •  The information here will not include the correct password if you have changed it. 
  •  Passwords are CaSe SeNsItIvE!  

Additional Notes and Help Information  

  •  If you do NOT see a COCC email address listed on the page you are likely not currently assigned a COCC email address. 
    •  For information about how student email accounts are assigned review the information posted in Account Creation.  
  • Use your email address to login to COCC computers, email or wireless.
  • If you do NOT see your initial password listed or your initial password is shown as all question marks (?????) your initial password is unknown for one reason or another. 
    • Most likely this is due to your account needing to be reactivated after your status with COCC appeared to indicate you were no longer a current student.
    • Try using the same password you had when you last attended COCC.
  • If you have changed your initial password for any of your accounts it will not be updated here.
    • Once you change an account password you are the only one who knows what it is.
    • For Blackboard you will need to reset it following the reset instructions on the Bb login page
    • For computers and email you will need to stop by the Pioneer computer lab between the hours of 7A-3P or call 541-383-7719 to have it reset.

Need More Help? 

Contact one of the Computer labs for assistance getting logged in to your account and possibly having your password reset.


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