COCC Website and online systems to be down beginning Friday

In order to perform critical upgrades and maintenance of online systems, all COCC online systems will be shut down from Friday, Sept. 4 through Monday, Sept. 7. The College is closed during that time for the extended Labor Day weekend.
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Lab Attendants

See the Lab Attendant on duty at the attendant station for help with any of the following:

  • Logging onto Campus Computers
  • College Email, Blackboard and Bobcat Web Account
  • Basic use of most MS Office Programs
  • Basic Internet Explorer Use
  • Using the Campus Wireless
  • Printing Problems
  • Computer Crashes
  • Using our Scanners
  • Checking out Headphones

Lab Attendants are not responsible for:

  • Helping people with issues not pertinent to the scope of the responsibilities listed above.
  • Helping students do their class-work and/or homework.
  • Showing/teaching students,faculty and/or staff how to use a software package.
  • Loading software on personal laptops.
  • Fixing problems on personal laptops.
  • Providing change to students (please see Lab Coordinator, Bookstore or Library Circulation desk).
  • Providing printing reimbursements.
  • Talking to, and helping people with their personal problems.
  • Helping faculty proctor/watch their class when they are not in session.
  • Watching over student belongings.

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