PIP Funding Templates and Examples

The following are Word documents that you may use as templates. Fill out the form and "save as" to your documents folder with your name on the file label. Print, sign, have your D.E. sign and then take/send to the office of the Vice President of Instruction. Approval must be received and contract signed prior to activity or any expenditure. Please note that an Out-of-state Funding Request is required when appropriate in addition to the PIP funding request.

You may want to review the Guidelines for the Use of PIP Funds before filling out your request.

This document is a template you may use to request PIP Funds: PIP Funding Request Template

If you are requesting to access the Additional PIP Funds use this document: Additional PIP Request form

If your PIP funding request includes travel, you should attach the PIP Travel Budget to the Funding Request.

This form should be used when requesting funds for Out-of-State travel: Out-of-State Travel request form

If you would like, click here for a PIP Funding Request Example.

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