PIP for Adjunct Faculty

PIP Guidelines for Adjunct Faculty

Central Oregon Community College recognizes faculty professional development as crucial to the quality of its instruction programs.  Striving to achieve excellence in the education we provide means shared commitment to a challenging, innovative, varied, and relevant faculty professional improvement program.  The main goal of this program is to substantially improve faculty members' effectiveness in their college assignments and in their professions.

Adjunct faculty members who have taught a minimum of 45 load units for the college (as part-time, adjunct, or full-time), and are currently under contract, are eligible to apply for up to $500 in professional improvement funds per academic year.  Once eligibility is established, and with consecutive adjunct appointments, unused amounts will accrue from one year to the next to a maximum accrual of $1000 per adjunct faculty member.  Because total funds for all adjunct PIP activities are limited to $5000 per year, it is not guaranteed that all approved adjunct professional improvement requests will be funded.  Therefore, interested adjunct faculty members are encouraged to apply for PIP dollars early in the academic year.

Steps to Acquire Funding:

An adjunct Professional Improvement Plan (PIP) must be submitted to secure funding for activities or purchases.  The plan should include:

1.      Description of goal relating to specific skill development.

2.      Planned activities to meet above goal.

3.      Description of benefits to the individual, department, and college.


The plan should be submitted along with the funding request.  It should include the required endorsement by the appropriate Department Head in the form of a signature or letter of support.  Submit an electronic copy to the office of the Vice President of Instuction.

The Funding Request should include a description of the proposed activity, dates, and amount requested and budget for expenses.  Note:  funding requests must be made prior to activity or purchase.

A final report summarizing outcomes needs to be submitted within 30 days after completion of the activity.  Both plan and report will become part of the Faculty member's personnel file.

Proposals for summer activities taking place before the start of Fall term classes, must be submitted by June 10.

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