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PIP Final Reports

PIP Final Reports

The PIP Final Report should include a summary or outline of professional improvement activities completed during the cycle, accompanied by appropriate documentation and/or evaluation, with an overall assessment of how these professional experiences have helped the faculty member achieve professional goals. Final reports are influential in promotion, tenure, and receiving further PIP funding. The Professional Improvement Resource Team will review final reports and give feedback if requested by the faculty member.

  • The best format for a Final Report is to start with the original plan and then insert information regarding the completion of each goal and activity.
  • Be sure to address each goal. State how the achieved goals will be incorporated into professional practice. Comment on those goals and activities proposed in the original approved Professional Improvement Plan which have not been achieved in the current cycle. Attach any exterior product you may have created or evaluation you may have received. 
  • After comparing the original or revised Plan to the actual summary of accomplishments the faculty member might wish to comment on, for example, unforeseen problems encountered, curricular decisions made, or unexpected professional development opportunities encountered in the course of completing the current cycle.
  • The faculty member and the DE should review the final report together. The Chair/DE signs the Final Report Sign Off sheet.
  • The faculty member then submits hard copy of the Final Report with the Sign Off sheet to his/her Dean.
  • The faculty member should send an electronic copy of the Final Report to the Chair of PIRT AFTER it is officially approved by both DE and Dean.
  • PIP Plan Final Reports are due by October 15th of last year of the cycle.  Reports submitted after this date may not meet Tenure and Promotion file closure deadlines.

Also see Final Report Examples here and on Blackboard.

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