Faculty Professional Improvement Program Goals

Central Oregon Community College recognizes faculty professional development as crucial to the quality of its instructional programs. Striving to achieve excellence in the education we provide means shared commitment to a challenging, innovative, varied, relevant, rigorous, and invigorating faculty professional improvement program.

The main purpose of this program is to improve faculty members' effectiveness in their college assignments and in their professions. Professional Improvement is facilitated by the development of individual Professional Improvement Plans that cover a four year cycle. Remaining current in your field should not be part of your Professional Improvement Plan. It is a minimum requirement for maintaining your position at the college.

Individual faculty members have primary responsibility for generating Professional Improvement Plan proposals designed to achieve this purpose. Proposal goals may be met through a variety of professional development activities designed to:

  • Improve teaching and student learning

  • Expand existing competency in one's college assignment

  • Develop competency in a new but related area

  • Train or retrain to teach in a new assigned college role

  • Develop new college courses or programs

  • Gain breadth or diversity through meaningful cross-disciplinary or extra-disciplinary work

  • Initiate special coordinated programs with professional societies, participate in industry-sponsored programs, or develop partnerships with business and industry

  • Benefit the college, community, or society through participation in programs, engagement in research, or proposal of innovations

  • Revitalize professional commitment and enthusiasm

Excellence in faculty professional improvement is achieved when individual professionals and their departments or programs envision goals that allow annual review, and balance the needs and desires of all concerned-the individual faculty member, the department/program, and the College-in planning professional development.

The success of this program depends upon shared commitment to high professional improvement standards. To sustain these standards, the College will provide a supportive environment and material assistance. Professional Improvement funds are available for full-time tenure-track and tenured instructors.

Adjunct faculty members who have taught a minimum of 45 load units for the college (as part-time, adjunct, or full-time), and are currently under contract, are eligible to apply for up to $250 in professional improvement funds per academic year. See PIP Guidelines for Adjunct Faculty for more information.

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