Help With Banner Web

Logging In

Follow the instructions listed on the Bobcat Web Account Login page (a.k.a. Banner Web), available through the COCC Employee Login web page.

  • The first time you log in you will be required to create a new, private PIN. This new PIN must be at least six (6) characters and may be letters, numbers, or a combination. You will also be asked to enter a security question and answer. In the future, if you forget your PIN, enter your User ID and click the “Reset your Pin” link to be emailed a temporary PIN. If you cannot successfully reset our PIN, call the HelpLine (541-330-4358) for assistance.

After logging in, you may have several different menu options, depending on your classification (Student Services & Financial Aid, Employee Services, Faculty Services, Personal Information, etc.). Please read through the options under each of these menu items, as you have access to a wide variety of online services..

Seat Availability / Class Schedule

Viewing the Class Schedule:

Go to the COCC home page. Under the "Quick Links" button, click on "Credit Class Schedule" or place your cursor over the "Academics" navigation link and choose "Credit Class Schedule". Select the term and then select the appropriate listing. Seat availability is listed to the right of the course name. Please note the following definitions (this is also a link on the page itself):  

Max indicates the maximum number of students that will be allowed in a class.
Rem indicates the number of seats remaining before a class is full.
Wait indicates the number of students on the waiting list for a class.

If a student is waitlisted for a course and a seat becomes available, they will automatically be taken off the waitlist and registered in the course. They will immediately receive a message via their COCC email account that informs them that they have been automatically moved from the waitlist into the course as a registered student.

Setting the Advising Requirement

Academic advising is required:

  1. The first time a new or transfer certificate/degree-seeking student registers (through the group advising process by signing a blue registration add/drop form);
  2. Prior to a new student's next term (done one-on-one by the student's individual academic advisor and cleared via Banner web);
  3. Based on the next term in which an advisor requires advising for the student (done one-on-one by the student's individual academic advisor and set via Banner web). Note that an advisor may not set a student's advising requirement more than four terms in the future.

To clear an advising requirement, log in to your Banner Web account and:

  1. Go to "Faculty Services", Click "Advisor Menu", Click "Set Advising Requirement"
  2. Select your student, using the student ID number or name search (note that if using the name search, always check the "drop down" menu option of names, as oftentimes there can be more than one person with the same name in the system). Your advisees' ID numbers are listed on the "View Advisee List by Term" screen. Verify that you have selected the correct student. The next screen allows you to set the expiration date of the advising clearance for up to four terms. The text reads, "Select the term for which [your student] will next need advising (currently scheduled for Winter 2013)." In this example, the student would be prohibited from registering for Winter 2013 term without additional advising. Select a term from the drop-down menu that is the next term for which student should have an advising requirement. Use the "ID Selection" at the bottom of the screen to clear advising for another student.
  3. To see if an advisee has any remaining pre-registration requirements, view the "Can an advisee register?" page. This is the same page that the student can view in their Bobcat Web account under Registration, entitled "Can I register for credit classes?"

Please note that you have access to personal information (transcripts, addresses) for not only your advisees, but also all students registered in your courses. You may not access personal information about students unless you have an educational need to know; if you have questions about this, please contact Courtney Ford, Director of Admissions/Registrar, at 541-383-7299 or

Instructor Approval

Instructors can give approval online via their Bobcat Web account in place of signing the Registration Add/Drop form.  Approval can be given for adding a class from a wait list, instructor permission required prior to registering, or for courses with time overlaps; completing the following steps allows a student to add a class online or in-person without a physical signature.  Instructors can also give online approval to students to drop a class.

  1. Go to "Faculty Services" and click "Registration Overrides".
  2. Choose "Term". Click "ID Selection". Enter student's ID in the "Student or Advisee ID" box. Note: If you must search by name, for a more successful search, use only the first portion of each name and be sure to click "all" in the "Search Type" field. Click "Submit".
  3. From the drop down menu, select the type of override
    1. "instructor approval" for courses which require instructor permission prior to registration (this override is only active BEFORE the term begins);
    2. "capacity override" gives students on a wait list permission to register for the class OR to register once the term has begun;
    3. "time conflict override" permits a student to register for a course that overlaps in time with another course, noting that instructors from BOTH courses must give permission.
    4. "approval to drop" permits a student to drop a full-term class after the seventh week of the term
  4. Under the Course drop down menu, select the appropriate CRN and click "Submit".
  5. Verify that your information is correct and click "Submit" again. If successful, the "The registration overrides you entered have been saved successfully" message will appear. If this message does not appear, scroll down to the "Registration Errors" section to verify the problem.
  6. Click "Student Information" at the bottom of the page to give approval to additional students.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The "Student Services & Financial Aid" option in the blue bar at the top of your page is the menu choice from your initial log in - if you choose this option, you will access information about YOU as a student. To access your advisee's information, always select the "ID Selection" option at the BOTTOM of the page.

Viewing A Student's Transcript and Placement Testing Scores

Note that if you have just worked with a different student previous to this action, Banner will bring up the previous student as a default. You must go back to the Advisor Menu to get the opportunity to enter the new ID number.

  1. Go to "Faculty Services"
  2. Go to "Advisor Menu"
  3. Click "Student Academic Transcript"
  4. Enter the student's ID number and click "Submit ID"
  5. Click "Display Transcript"

Printing Class Rosters and Wait Lists

  1. Go to "Faculty Services"
  2. For class rosters, you may choose "Detail Class List" (long version, lots of information about the class and student) or "Summary Class List" (shorter version, less information). Select the appropriate CRN.
  3. For wait lists, you may choose "Detail Wait List" (long version, lots of information about the class and student) or "Summary Wait List" (shorter version, less information). Select the appropriate CRN. NOTE: students are listed in alpha order. To determine the appropriate order of your wait list students, choose "Detail Wait List", find the student with the smallest "Registration Sequence" number. They are first on your list. The student with the next lowest number is second, and so on.
  4. Select "Print" from your Internet browser's "File" menu.

Posting Grades

Notes: "W" GRADES: If the student dropped the course after the seventh week, a "W" will appear in the grade box. DO NOT CHANGE THIS GRADE.

"X" (AUDIT GRADES): If a student chose to audit a class, an "X" will appear in the grade drop down box. DO NOT CHANGE THIS GRADE. If a student has not requested an audit, the grade box will be blank; you must enter one of the available grades.

  1. Go to "Faculty Services"
  2. Click "Submit Mid-Term Grades" or "Submit Final Grades"
  3. Select the appropriate term from the drop down menu and click "Submit Term
  4. Choose the correct CRN from the drop down menu and click "Submit""
  5. Follow instructions to enter the grade from the drop down menu for each student.
  6. Click the "Submit Grades" button at the bottom of the screen often and again when finished (Note: you will be logged after 20 minutes of inactivity and will lose any unsaved entries). Note: Only the first 25 students on your roster will appear on the screen. IF you have more than 25 students, click "Submit Grades", then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the next set of students.
  7. Check your roster to see if you mis-entered any grades or missed entering a grade.

Online Degree Audit System

  1. Log in to your Student & Staff Online Services account
  2. Go to the "Faculty Services" menu
  3. Click on the "Advisor" menu
  4. Click "Degree Evaluation" link at the bottom of the list
  5. …and then follow the directions displayed on the web from there

Note that the "Entry Term" field determines which catalog requirements the students' courses will be evaluated towards. This means that if you want to see someone's progress under the 2012-13/new AAOT requirements, then choose a term from the 2012-13 catalog year. If under the sequence/"old" AAOT, choose a prior year.

Cool Feature: If your advisee is "shopping around" to see how their courses meet various degree requirements (e.g., Business-Accounting vs. Business-Marketing), you can select the "What-If Analysis" option at the bottom of the page to choose other degree options.

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