General Policies and Information

Policy:  To maintain enrollment in each class, the student must attend the first class meeting and 100% of the first week's class and lab meetings.  If the student does not do so, s/he may be administratively withdrawn from that class by the instructor.  If this results in a tuition refund, the refund will be processed within three weeks.    

(For classes that are of less than eight weeks duration, attendance at the first class only is required to avoid administrative withdrawal.)

If the student is unable physically to attend the class during the first week, s/he must make personal contact with the instructor prior to the class meeting to avoid administrative withdrawal.

If a student is administratively withdrawn but wishes to re-enroll, s/he may do so if there is room in the class.

Q:  What is administrative withdrawal?

A:  Administrative withdrawal is canceling a student's registration because s/he did not attend the first class meeting and 100% of the first week's classes.


Q:  Why is administrative withdrawal important?

A:  It will help you have an accurate record of who is in your class; it allows wait list students into your class; it helps us comply with federal financial aid regulations (COCC distributes student financial aid based on the number of credit a student is enrolled in on the second Friday of the term.  If your class rosters are accurate, the student's registration record is accurate and financial aid will be disbursed appropriately).


Q:  How do I administratively withdraw a student?

A:  You will receive class rosters and waiting lists, if any, the first day of class.  For any student not in attendance (a "no-show") at the first class, draw a line through the student's name, initial next to it, and return the roster to Records by 4:30 on Tuesday.  Or, you may FAX it to 541-318-3700 or send by E-mail to  Campus mail may delay the process.

Repeat this process with the roster you receive on Wednesday of the first week, and return that roster to us by Friday at 4:30.  Please do not use campus mail.

After removing the no-shows from your roster, you may sign add/drop forms for people on the waiting list to replace the no-shows.  Please be sure to stress that waiting list students must bring the add/drop form to Records within 48 hours to be enrolled in the class.

Q:  Should I take roll at the beginning of the first class?

A:  Consensus seems to be that it is best to take roll toward the end of the class in order to maximize the chance of an accurate assessment of who is truly attending.


Q:  Should I administratively withdraw a student even if my class is not full?

A:  YES!  If you do not administratively withdraw a student, and the student does not drop the class, the student will receive a bill and possibly a grade.


Q:  Should I return the roster even if I do not administratively withdraw anyone?

A:  YES!  Write "all here" on the roster and drop it in campus mail to us.  This will help us better track who has submitted rosters, as well as resolve a student dispute later.


Q:  How do I know if a student was administratively withdrawn?

A:  The next roster printed will indicate in the status column the notation "adm w/draw (AW)."  This indicates that student was administratively withdrawn and is no longer registered in the class.  Subsequent rosters will not list the withdrawn student.


Q:  What if a student shows up at the 2nd class meeting and I have already administratively withdrawn him/her?

A:  If you still have room in the class, you may sign an add/drop form for the student and tell him/her to go to Boyle Education Center to re-register.  On the other hand, if the class is full, it is your discretion if you want to expand class size to accommodate this student.


Q:  If the student comes to the first class, but not the rest of the week, do I administratively withdraw that student?

A:  Yes.  The student must attend all of the first week's classes.

The roster you print on Wednesday of the first week should be used to process the second round of administrative withdrawals.  These rosters are due in Records by 4:30 on Friday of the first week of classes.


Q:  If a student knows in advance s/he will miss one or more class meetings during the first week, how can s/he prevent being administratively withdrawn?

A:  The student is responsible for contacting the instructor in advance if s/he cannot attend the first and/or subsequent class meetings during the first week.  If the student makes satisfactory arrangements with the instructor, s/he should not be administratively withdrawn.


Q:  What is the attendance policy for classes that are of less than 8 weeks duration?

A:  The student is required to attend the first class, or s/he will be administratively withdrawn.  The attendance pattern after that is not subject to the attendance policy.



If a class fills, a wait list is automatically started.  At the start of each term, print both a class roster and a wait list roster.  If you have a seat available due to a registered student not showing up to class, or if you wish to add a few extra students to your class, you must take people from wait list roster in the order listed, assuming the wait list student is present.

To give permission for a student to add your class from the wait list, you can either give the student approval online (see "Banner Cheat Sheet") or sign a registration form. The student must bring this form to the registration area within two days of receiving your signature.  Students WILL NOT be added to your class if you write their names on the bottom of your administrative withdrawal roster.  The student is not charged for the class until they are actually registered in the course.



Second Friday of Term -100% refund for full term class Tuition deadline

Third Monday of Term -$30 late registration fee begins -- $30 late tuition payment fee begins (continues once a week, up to $90)

Friday of Seventh Week of Term -Last day to drop classes and change to/from audit/credit--Grade will not appear on student transcript--No refund                                                                                                                          

Wednesday Before Finals Week -Last day to drop full term classes --Requires instructor approval/signature -- Student will receive a "W" on transcript

Note:  Short-term classes have prorated drop and refund deadlines.  See Class Schedule for details.



High school students:   COCC permits high school students to take up to nineteen credits per term.  Know that these students are treated as if they are a full-time college students and are expected to follow all policies and procedures as other students.

Middle school students:  Middle school students are also permitted to take up to two classes per term at COCC, with instructor approval. Know that it is the instructor's discretion to determine if the student is academically prepared for the course and if s/he can manage the course content and requirements.  If the instructor agrees that the student can academically and personally manage the course, then the instructor signs the Concurrent Enrollment form and the student's registration form.

Field Trip Permission:  If you are taking students under the age of 18 on a field trip, you must have a field trip permission form signed by the student's parent or guardian.


Students can-and will-petition almost every registration/payment policy at COCC: requesting a refund after the drop deadline; requesting to add a class without the late registration fee; waiving the late payment fee; etc.  First and foremost, do not be offended if we call you for further details!  Oftentimes, instructors offer information different from what the student shares.  Second, if you ever have any questions about any of our registration policies or deadlines, do not hesitate to refer the student or contact us directly.  The more accurate the information, the fewer petitions we have.  Finally, PLEASE submit your administratively withdrawal roster, as this will greatly alleviate the number of student petitions.  Student petitions are available in Enrollment Services - Admissions and Records. Contact Admissions and Records for petition questions.



On the Monday of the fifth week of the term, you will receive a mid-term grade roster. If a student is in danger of receiving a failing grade ("D" or "F"), you have two choices:

  • Issue a "D" or "F" to the student
  • Issue a "W" to the student.

You can do so online or by writing the grade on the mid-term roster and submitting the roster to Enrollment Services - Records.  Either option must be complete by Monday of the sixth week.  We will then notify the student of their status.  By doing so, you give the student an opportunity to drop the course within the first seven weeks of the term and not have a poor grade affect their academic record and GPA.

Important note:  If you do not submit a "W" grade at mid-term, you cannot submit a "W" grade on the final grade report.



Grades may be entered online only, no later than the Wednesday after finals week by 8:00 am. 

Notes: If you issued a "W" at mid-term, you can issue a "W" as a final grade.  If you did not issue a "W" at mid-term, you CANNOT issue a "W" as a final grade.

If a student chose to audit a class an "AU" will appear next to the student's name. You cannot issue a letter grade in place of the "AU".

An "I" (incomplete) grade is used if the student has a reasonable amount of coursework to complete.  An "I" grade should be issued only when you and the student have agreed upon a timeline to complete this work-no longer than one calendar year-doing so without having to re-enroll in the class.

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