Field Trip Permission

Instructors taking students off campus for a field trip experience are responsible for following the college policy. Any COCC student who wishes to participate in a college sponsored field trip may do so if they:

a) are registered in the class conducting the field trip and

b) have completed Part A of the Consent and Liability form and submitted the signed form to their instructor. This form is available through the instructor or on the college Risk Management website.

Forms are not required for classes that are scheduled to meet in an off campus location such as HHP activities classes, nursing clinicals or cooperative work experience placements.

Minor students who are under the age of 18 may participate in College sponsored field trips ifthey are registered in the class conducting the field trip. These students must have their parent or legal guardian sign the Consent and Liability waiver form and complete Part B of the form with additional parental contact information. The instructor must keep these forms with him/her during the field trip and should keep them on file until the end of the course. If any problems arise during the trip, the instructor should contact the Department Chair and the college Risk Manager for further instructions.

If college vehicles are used for transportation, drivers must fill out the "Approval to Drive College Vehicles" on the COCC employee website and submit it to Campus Services.

The current liability waiver form is located on the Risk Management web site and deals with liability waiver and consent to treat. All students should fill out Part A. Minor students require parental signature and must also fill out Part B. If students are driving a college vehicle, an additional form is required. The following process must be followed for college field trips:

1. All students must sign a Field Trip waiver available on the Risk Management web under forms.

2. Students under age 18 must have their parent or guardian complete part B of the above form.

3. If students are driving a college vehicle, they must submit this form "Approval to Drive College Vehicles" to Campus Services

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Task force: Sharla Andresen, Michael Fisher, Bob Reynolds, and Mary Jeanne Kuhar.
Date: May 25, 2009
Approved by Chairmoot June 16, 2009

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