Course Evaluations Overview

HISTORY: Beginning Spring Term, 2012, Central Oregon Community College implemented a course evaluation system licensed with CollegeNet, Inc., to replace the paper-and-pencil evaluation forms formerly in use.

The system was launched as a pilot during Winter Term, 2012, and included courses in Allied Health, Business, Computer Information Systems, Fine Arts & Communications, Health & Human Performance, Humanities, Library, Math, Natural & Industrial Resources, Science, and Social Science. A total of 116 courses taught by 51 faculty were included in this pilot group.

PROCESS OVERVIEW: Each term, the majority of courses are evaluated. Three-fourths of the way through the course duration, the evaluation session launches. Each evaluation session is open until 11:30PM on the Sunday after final examinations. Instructors do not see the evaluation results until the Thursday after final grades are due.

Students are notified via e-mail when the session opens. Students log into the course evaluation system through their Bobcat Web Account, and then pass securely through to the CollegeNet servers, where their evaluation data is gathered and maintained. Anonymity is assured and access to the results tightly controlled through security permissions.

During the evaluation period, students who have not completed or who have not opted out of (declined) each of their evaluations are sent  e-mail reminders, asking that they log in and finish their evaluations. The only way to stop receiving the reminder emails is to complete the evaluation or decline to participate for each evaluation you are asked to complete.

At the end of the term, after final grades are processed and the grading system is closed, the online course evaluation system opens up to faculty for viewing their own results. Faculty are notified via e-mail when the reports are ready for online viewing. Faculty log into the system through their Bobcat Web Account, passing securely through to the CollegeNet servers to view their evaluations.

Here are the list of questions students are asked:

Please rate the instructor’s effectiveness in the following areas:

1. Providing course and assignment requirements, grading criteria, and expectations

2. Providing course activities that helped you achieve course learning outcomes
3. Communicating ideas and/or information
4. Creating an environment that helped you learn
5. Respectfully receiving and responding to questions and comments
6. Fostering a climate of mutual respect regarding the dignity of students in the learning process

Your written comments are especially helpful and explain the ratings you gave in questions 1-6, above.

7. Describe the quality of the feedback you received in this class.

8. What did you like best about the course and/or how the instructor taught it?
9. Even excellent courses can be improved. Give some constructive suggestions for making the course better.
10.  What could you have done to be a better student in this course?

Questions not answered in the Frequently Asked Questions area (FAQ)may be addressed to  or (541) 383-7785.

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