CCSSE 2008 Results

Benchmarks Scores - CCSSE utilizes a set of five benchmarks of effective educational practice in community colleges. These benchmarks allow member institutions, with missions focused on teaching, learning, and student success, to gauge and monitor their performance in areas that are truly central to their work. In addition, participating colleges have the opportunity to make appropriate and useful comparisons between their performance and that of other groups of similar colleges.

Classroom Related Results - examines survey items pertaining to Class Participation, Student Learning, Coursework Activity, and Student Relationships with Instructors

Student and Academic Services Results - examines survey items pertaining to Student and Academic Services, and Student Relationships with Administrative Personnel and Offices.

General Student Information  - examines survey items pertaining to Student Satisfaction, Developmental Education, Barriers to Persistence, Sources Used to Pay for College, Time Spent, Educational Goals, and Parents Level of Education

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