Student Success by Program Reports

To best support COCC's planning and assessment efforts at the program level, the following reports are provided.

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Please contact the Institutional Research Office if you have suggestion on the following reports:

Student Success by Program

Provides student outcome results by course by COCC program area

  • Percent of Course Registrations Successfully Completed
  • Percent of Course Registrations Dropped
  • Percent of Course Registrations Unsuccessfully Completed

Program FTE & Sections Offered

Provides student activity (FTE) and sections offered in each program.

  • Total FTE by Academic Year and by Term
  • Total Number of Sections Offered by Term
  • FTE and Number of Sections Offered by Course by Academic Year

Students by Declared Major

Provides number of students declaring specific majors in COCC programs and demographic information for those students.

  • Number of Students by Declared Major
  • Student's Age, Gender and Race/Ethnicity by Declared Program Area


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